What To Do With Your Car Insurance When You Change Your Residence

When moving to another location, you must ensure that the car insurance policy is still valid.  Things can get pretty complicated if you move to another state, since not all carriers available to your current state will be available to the new location. Plus, the premiums will change based on the geographic, demographic, traffic and economic conditions on the new location. Find out what to do with your car insurance when you change your residence.  Visit our website, where you can get and compare insurance quotes for free.

# imagesWhen you move to a new state, you must ensure that your auto insurance is valid in that state. Most states have a specific amount of time, usually up to 90 days, for you to register your vehicle in that state. You can purchase auto insurance in a new state before you register your vehicle, but you have to switch over your registration to that state at or near the same time. When you change your insurance to another state other than where you are registered, the registered state will be informed that you dropped your insurance. If, however, you live in the same place for several months and are well past your deadline for changing your state of registration, then your insurance company can refuse to cover your vehicle if you have an auto accident.

Every state has different rules about this process. Some states will allow you to register your vehicle as long as you have insurance from somewhere and then give you a form to fill out when you have switched your insurance over to in-state insurance coverage. If you don’t send in the form within the specified period, then your license and registration can be suspended, and you may face heavy fines as well.

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