Smart Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

Check the following smart ways to save money on car insurance. Also, visit our website and get insurance quotes auto online.

  1. # images (7)Bundle policies. It is a wise move to bundle multiple policies if the carrier offers them. You can place your homeowner, life, health and car insurance plan in a single package. If you have more than one car, use multi-vehicle plans and save on car insurance.
  2. Take your kid to a defensive driving program. If your kid is preparing for license, make sure he or she becomes a good drive. Defensive driving programs offer not only skill enhancement, but also the chances of getting some discounts and accident forgiveness access.
  3. Park your car in a garage or a well-monitored place. Parking your car in a well monitored place will make you pay less. A garage is the ideal place, but if you do not own one,  you can use a monitored parking lot.
  4. Carefully select deductibles. Choosing a convenient deductible level will help you save money. Although maximizing the value will decrease significantly the premiums, it is not wise to do it if you don’t feel comfortably paying around $1000-$1500.
  5. Ask for loyalty and no-claim bonuses. Loyalty and not making claims are two perks that should be generously rewarded. Check how each company chooses to repay them and select only companies who really appreciate their loyal customers. Also, analyze for how long you have to wait until the bonus kicks in.
  6. Shop online for car insurance. There are many companies which offer a small incentive for those who purchase their policies online. Not having to deal with the middleman actually saves them a lot of money. A small 3-5% discount is always welcomed.
  7. Pay the premiums annually. If you pay the yearly premium upfront you will save some money.

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