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People that smoke should be aware of all implication of this harmful habit. It has serious negative impact on the insurance cost and it diminishes the possibilities of even getting insurance. However, smoker can effectively apply for no exam life insurance. This type of insurance has less demand and can be purchased even by senior citizens that smoke. Smoking is not a fatal disease, yet it helps producing several types of illnesses that can proveRead more

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Smoking cigarettes is definitely a harmful habit, with long term impact on the inner organs of the smoker. Smoking is the main cause for lung cancer and many other hearth illnesses and heart problems. Finding life insurance for smoker is a bit difficult and if someone is accepted for negotiations, the entire underwriting method can be quite discouraging. Electronic cigarettes are a modern invention and they promise a healthier method of smoking. Choosing these devicesRead more

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Active tobacco smokers can find economical life coverage from trustworthy insurance firms in the country. Smoking will always increases your life insurance rates, but this is not a reason to stop on acquiring insurance. Life insurance is an essential investment for every bread winner who has financial dependents. What is a smoker? From an agency’s point of view, a smoker is somebody who has consumed tobacco products in the last 12 months. Many agencies don’tRead more

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