Criminal Records and Car Insurance Rates

A criminal conviction will certainly make your life harder and more expensive. Former convicts find a job harder and some services are, if not unavailable, very expensive. Find out if this is the case for car insurance. Check our blog for more info and free online auto insurance quotes.

One thing to remember is that the rating algorithm used by a company can be really complex, quantifying numerous factors. But one thing is certain: past convictions will surely matter. And generally, insurers consider convicted criminals high risk. However, the rates vary drastically, depending on the type of crime you committed and each company’s policy.

Generally, crimes related to traffic accidents and felonies are severely punished by carriers. Many of them do not even want to deal with such people. DUI/DWI, hit-and-run and reckless driving will cause serious trouble. For at-fault accidents that resulted in the death of the victims, you may never get insurance.

It also matters if the conviction was spent or not. A conviction that is “spent” is one that has expired in terms of the life of the conviction. A spent conviction is one that you have had counted against you but its time has expired.  Some felonies do not last forever in your driving record and will disappear after 3 or 5 years. But they will remain in your criminal record for a much longer time period.

You should periodically check your records and see when you can expunge some traffic violations. For that, you will also need the help of a competent lawyer.

The golden rule is to never add new convictions to the existing ones. Multiple felonies will make things difficult for both your lawyer and yourself. Even finding insurance from non-standard carriers will become q very challenging task.

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