How To Negotiate Claim Settlements With Adjusters

After a car crash, you will need to seek compensation from your insurance company. The process of receiving a fair repayment can be really tricky, mainly due to claim adjusters. After all, insurance companies are losing money when they are forced to pay out for an accident. A claims adjuster for a company is going to want to pay you the smallest amount reasonably possible. Do not rush to accept their first and lowest offer. You should know that you can negotiate for an offer you think you deserve. Check our tips about car insurance and compare car insurance quotes using our website.

The first thing to do is to determine the real value of your car. Do not forget to add in the value depreciation of any vehicle.  After you get into an accident, the car will be sent to a claims adjuster who will determine how much it will take to repair it. With the adjuster having a motivation to not pay the full amount, knowing the true value of your car will tell you if you are getting a good deal or not. You will want to have handy estimates from different sources.

You can ask your own trusted mechanic about the value and repair costs. You can also get the value of your car from websites such as or Whatever figure the adjuster comes back with, you do not need to accept it if it is really low when compared with your estimates.

If the offer is inadequate, it is completely in the power of the driver to decline it and ask for a better offer without suing.  You can also ask the adjuster to justify the offer and form counter-arguments. Bring images of the car damage, or how tell how it has been affecting you from getting to work.  Also consider hiring an attorney.

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