Why Bundle Cars On Your Insurance Plan

If you’re insuring more than one car it could be worth taking out a multi-car insurance policy to save money. Find out more about this option and get online auto insurance quotes from our website.

A multi-car insurance policy can usually cover up to five cars, and offers all the same benefits as regular car insurance. The only difference is that the same policy covers more than one car, and insures will give you a discount for insuring multiple vehicles with them. The same logic applies when it comes to multi-car breakdown cover with discounts being offered to those who purchase cover for multiple vehicles under the same policy.

As multi-car insurance provides cover for up to five cars, it can be a wise option for households with more than one vehicle. One policy provides all the paperwork needed for each car and the renewal date is the same. Some insurers offer discounts for every additional car that you add to the policy.

A multi-car insurance is good for:

  • Families with more than one driver
  • Couples who have a car each
  • A person with more than one car

To obtain a multiple-car policy, you need to insure two or more passenger vehicles on the same auto insurance policy. It’s that simple. You will need the VIN and lienholder information (if applicable) for all vehicles along with the driver’s license numbers for all drivers. This doesn’t vary from a single-car policy other than you are listing more than one vehicle on the policy.

The multi-vehicle discount runs from 10 to 25 percent off of your liability, collision and comprehensive parts of your car insurance policy. Each vehicle gets this discount, but the discount doesn’t compound with each car you add.  So, if the discount is 10 percent, your first car will get 10 percent off no matter if you add two or four other cars to the policy.

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